About Shorthills Villa

Shorthills Villa Retirement Community is a retirement facility. It has a 13 bed Extra Care Wing. We also offer Respite Care for those that just need a short stay. We offer a quiet, peaceful environment with staff that care and beautiful décor that is restful to the eye. Nutritional foods served by friendly staff in an Elegant Dining Room. Night Security for peace of mind.

Our Vision

Our facility provides security, privacy and assurance that your individual needs will be met. You will be surrounded by good friends and a trusted staff who care about you.

Shorthill's Villa Retirement Community represents a conscientous effort to design a facility that provides a setting for a more casual relaxed and independent lifestyle with the benefits of assisted living.

Our Philosophy

We at Shorthill's Villa believe our philosophy is aging with dignity in a home environment making the transition from home to community living as comfortable as possible.

We offer a personalized touch with supportive care and professional staff to meet the needs of every person on an individualized basis. Shorthill's Villa is family owned and operated offering personalized triage care just for your unique needs.

Note from the Administration

Shorthills Villa Retirement Community has been recently expanded. It is now a 59 unit home in the heart of Fonthill. We specialize in a family run facility where you can come in the door take off your shoes and feel right at home. All you want for your home comforts is right here.

But our staff will do all the cooking and cleaning for you. Residents can be totally independent and make their own decisions; we also have plenty of spaces for resident cars.

We offer full care assistance for those that require it, either in our Extra Care Secured Wing or Medical Assistance Plans for the independent Resident. We have the best of care to offer with our qualified nursing staff looking after you. All units are regularly maintained by our housekeeping staff and the dietary department takes care of all of your nutritional requirements.

We have a full Activation Program and Physiotherapy three times a week.

If you want any more information please contact us, or schedule a tour.

Yours truly,

Jenan Hassani

Note from the Owner

Shorthills Villa Retirement Community has been established for seventeen years. Recently we have undergone some renovations to add another 18 units for independant living. But maintaining our 13 bed Secured Extra Care Wing, for those that require extra nursing needs.

We offer a friendly, caring, safe environment for all residents.

We believe that all the elderly deserve to be treated with respect and feel safe and secure in their home.

Our aim is to keep them as independent for as long as possible with the encouragement of our expert staff, but if they need that extra bit of help we are there to do that.

Shorthills Villa Retirement Community is committed to the elderly and their needs and we will continue to maintain a comfortable and caring establishment.

We promote the fact that we are very family orientated facility and every one of our residents is one of our family and are treated as such. We believe in this concept so much that we will be building another facility in Welland in the very near future and that will be a 95 unit home.

Yours truly,

Mike Hassani